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Overcoming Heart Valve Disease: Matt's Story

Video Summary - Overcoming Heart Valve Disease: Matt’s Story

Diagnosed with heart valve disease at a young age, Matt's doctors recommended a mechanical heart valve. In this series of videos you'll hear Matt share his journey—in his own words—from diagnosis to surgery to recovery. Select a link to a video chapter (below).

This story reflects one person's experience. Not everyone will experience the same results. Talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of your treatment options. St. Jude Medical does not provide medical services or advice as part of this Web site.


Diagnosis: Heart Valve Disease (00:42)

Preparing for Surgery

Choosing the Best Route (00:59)
Stresses and Concerns (00:36)
Staying Positive (00:39)
Preparing for Surgery (00:44)

Recovering From Surgery

Recovering From Surgery (1:01)
Sound Advice (00:42)
Better Every Day (1:01)

Daily Life with the Valve

Medications and Testing (1:13)
Diet Adjustments (00:36)
Full Speed Ahead (00:41)
A New Normal (00:33)
Important Safety Information (1:46)