Talking to Your Doctor

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Recovering from heart valve surgery can be a complex process and you may have many questions. You may find it helpful to bring a list of questions about the recovery process along to your next doctor appointment.

What to Expect During Recovery

It's important for you to know what to expect while recovering from heart valve surgery. Ask your doctor to provide information about post-surgical test results, concerns about infection or other complications and a plan for returning to everyday activities. The following is a checklist of common questions or concerns you can use or add to as needed. You may want to print this list and bring it along to your next appointment.

Review and Print What to Expect During Recovery Checklist 

Your Rehabilitation Plan

After surgery, your health care team will develop a physical therapy plan tailored to your specific needs. It's important that you understand why your doctor recommends specific therapy and that you fully participate in your recovery. Be sure to address any questions or concerns with your doctor.

Review and Print Your Rehabilitation Plan Checklist