Understanding the Patient Notifier

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A patient notifier is a feature available in some St. Jude Medical CRT-Ps and CRT-Ds. It is designed to alert you to significant changes in the performance of your device and to let your doctor know that your system may need attention.

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As you go about your normal activities, your CRT-P or CRT-D provides you with important therapy.

Your doctor has programmed settings in your device specifically to meet your unique needs. In addition, your doctor can program the device to sense significant changes in its performance. When the device senses one of these changes, it signals you that attention is needed. This helps to ensure that your device continually provides you with the therapy you require.

St. Jude Medical uses two types of patient notifiers in its products. One sends a two-tone audible signal. The other sends a short series of vibrations you would feel throughout your chest.

The audible patient notifier is typically used with CRT-Ps; the vibrating patient notifier is typically used with St. Jude Medical CRT-Ds.

Please note that issues with implanted devices are rare. This feature is not intended to concern you. Instead, think of it as an added level of support for you and those who care about and for you.


Guide to the Patient Notifier Feature brochure [PDF]