Registering Your Device

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When your doctor or cardiologist implanted your device, he or she completed a registration form that included your contact information (as the device recipient), the doctor or cardiologist’s contact information, and a description of the implanted device. This data is used to issue your patient ID card.


If your ID card does not arrive within 90 days, please contact us or return to this Web site and let us know by completing the patient and device portion of the registration form. You will need your temporary patient ID card to complete the registration form. If you did not receive a temporary ID card, contact the physician office that implanted your device.

By registering your device, you will notify St. Jude Medical of tracking information and we will be able to promptly send an ID card to you. Also, you and your doctor or cardiologist will continue to receive the latest device information. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires this tracking.

You can register your device online now.

Also, if you relocate, change your telephone number, or change your follow-up doctor or cardiologist, update your records online or contact us to receive a new patient ID card.

It is important that we have the information to keep your records up to date.