Common Questions

Getting MRI and CT Scans

Contact your doctor if you have any questions about how specific equipment will interact with your implanted medical device.

If you have a Pulmonary Artery (PA) Sensor

Your PA sensor is MR conditional; allowing MRIs in certain conditions. Present your patient identification card to healthcare professionals before you have a chest X-ray, CT scan or MRI. This will help them identify the device correctly. 

If you have a CRT-P or CRT-D

You should not have an MRI. The extremely strong magnetic fields used in the diagnostic procedure could impair the CRT-D or CRT-P’s normal functions.

However, you can safely have a CT scan, chest and dental x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound, mammography and fluoroscopy.

Learn more about how your device may be affected by electromagnetic fields

What about airport, courtroom or other security areas?

The amount of metal used in most St. Jude Medical implanted medical devices is very small. It is usually not enough to set off the metal detectors; if it does, simply show security personnel your patient identification card. Passing through a metal detector should not hurt your device. However, do not linger near the security system arches or poles. Doing so may interrupt your therapy.

Traveling with Your Device

In general, traveling with a PA Sensor, CRT-P, or CRT-D device is safe and manageable. As with any part of scheduling a trip, it just takes good planning and preparation so that you can confidently enjoy your time away.

General Travel Advice  

Airport Security Systems

International Clinic Locator  - Search for clinics in Europe, Africa, Canada and the Middle East that offer implantable cardiac device support for St. Jude Medical pacemakers, defibrillators, and CRT devices should you need assistance while you are away from home. Clinics in additional countries will be added in the future. We suggest you bookmark this page on your smartphone and to always talk with your doctor to identify any other issues before you go.

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