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    Clinics Abroad

    International travelers can search for clinics that support St. Jude Medical pacemakers, defibrillators, and CRT devices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is a device registration program?

    The device registration program allows St. Jude Medical to stay in touch with recipients of our devices. Since the 1970s, St. Jude Medical has registered millions of medical devices in the United States and Canada.

    Each time a physician or cardiologist implants a device, he or she completes a registration form that includes device recipient contact information, physician or cardiologist contact information, and a description of the implanted device.

    Why do I need to register my cardiac device?

    By registering your device, St. Jude Medical can provide you and your physician or cardiologist with the latest device information.

    If you relocate, change your telephone number, or change your follow-up physician or cardiologist, update your records online or contact us. We need to keep your records up to date. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires this tracking.

    What services are offered?

    Along with registering your device, we’ll use the information you share to create your patient ID card. We also use your registration information to create status reports for your physician or cardiologist to keep his or her records current.

    Why is an ID card important?

    Your patient ID card identifies you as a medical device recipient. The card includes contact information for you and your physician or clinic. Always carry your card with you, so that in case of an emergency, those attending to you will know whom to contact.

    When you travel and pass through metal detectors, your device may trigger the alarm. If this happens, present your ID card to the security personnel.

    How and when will I receive my ID card?

    After surgery, the hospital sends a completed device registration form to St. Jude Medical. Once we receive this information, we’ll create your ID card. It takes 30-60 days to process the information and deliver your card.

    When you receive your card, verify the information. Contact us (ask for the Patient Records department), if any information on the card isn't correct.

    How can I change information on my ID card?

    You can update your records online if your device was implanted in the United States, Canada or Australia. After you update information online, we will send you a new ID card.

    Not comfortable updating personal information online? Contact us by phone or in writing. Make sure to include a list of the changes you’d like us to make to your personal information.

    Who should I contact if I have questions?

    Contact your physician or cardiologist for questions regarding your device, medical condition or treatment.

    Contact us (St. Jude Medical Patient Records department) for questions regarding your ID card.

    Note: Our Patient Records personnel are not qualified to answer technical questions. The St. Jude Medical Technical Services department is available 24 hours a day to answer any technical questions your physician or cardiologist may have regarding the performance of a St. Jude Medical cardiac device.

    How safe is it to share personal information on the Web?

    When you share personal information in person, via the telephone, via e-mail, or on the Web, people other than those for whom the information is intended may have access to the information. Protecting your privacy is important to us. Be assured that when you share personal information with St. Jude Medical, we have taken extensive precautions to keep this information private. See our privacy policy.

    All information provided is secure and confidential. On this Web site, we have a security feature that encrypts (changes all of your information into code making it unreadable by outsiders) the personal information you share when you update your records online.

    Who has access to the information I share with St. Jude Medical?

    Only authorized St. Jude Medical personnel, your physician or cardiologist and government regulatory agencies have access to the information you share with St. Jude Medical. See our privacy policy.

    What if I need care when I’m traveling?

    If you have a defibrillator, pacemaker, CRT-P or CRT-D and need care when you are traveling, you can search for the nearest clinic in Europe, Africa, Canada and the Middle East supporting St. Jude Medical implantable cardiac devices. Clinics in additional countries will be added in the future. We recommend that you bookmark this page on your smartphone before you leave to make locating help easier, should you require medical assistance while away from home.

    I have a Merlin@home™ transmitter. Is there anything special I need to do when traveling outside the United States?

    Be sure to ask your doctor to contact St. Jude Medical support service to determine if your Merlin@home transmitter will work in the country in which you are traveling.