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Meet Miyoko: Life with a pacemaker

Meet Miyoko

Life With a Pacemaker

When can I resume normal activity after the procedure?

It is difficult to be specific about your recovery, because every patient is different. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Your activities will be restricted for a period following the procedure. Once you have recovered from the operation, your doctor is your best source of advice on the subject of resuming your normal activities.

My friends and family want to help me recover. What can I suggest?

Here are six tips to start. Ask your doctor if there are specific ways that your caregivers can help speed your recovery.

  1. Ask for help in following your doctor’s orders. Share the details with your loved ones and ask them to encourage you to follow your rehabilitation plan.
  2. Your caregivers can be helpful in ensuring you take your prescribed medication as ordered. Sometimes, especially right after your procedure, you may be sleeping more and become confused about the timing for your medication. Your caregivers can help you stay on schedule.
  3. Encourage your caregivers to help you eat a heart-healthy diet.
  4. Welcome offers to help you dress and do your best to look better. Doing so can be an important step to really feeling better.
  5. Request that your caregivers help provide a quiet, stress-free environment as you recover.
  6. Ask for help when you are feeling low or worried. It's perfectly natural to feel depressed, and simply talking with someone about your feelings can help relieve your mind and lift your spirits.