Using Remote Patient Care Management

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Your implantable device may be capable of communicating with a device called the Merlin@home™ transmitter. This device enables a service that allows your doctor to monitor your medical device remotely through the comfort of your home. The system uses the transmitter to send your device data through the phone line to a secure, encrypted password-protected Web site for review by your doctor.

All St. Jude Medical implantable cardioverter defibrillator devices inclusive of the Current™ and Promote™ families of devices work with the Merlin@home transmitter. Additionally, the St. Jude Medical Accent™and Anthem™ families of pacemakers also work with the Merlin@home transmitter. If you live within the United States you will receive the transmitter in the mail along with setup instructions. If you live or are vacationing outside the United States, please ask your doctor to contact St. Jude Medical support service to determine if your Merlin@home transmitter will work in the country in which you currently reside or are traveling.

Once your Merlin@home transmitter is activated, it will transmit your device data to a special Web site that allows your doctor to view your device information from his or her computer.

This service is meant reduce the number of scheduled clinic visits you need to make. The transmitter is also able to monitor your device daily between scheduled follow-ups and can alert your doctor’s office if it detects anything out of the norm.

There is no equipment cost for your Merlin@home transmitter. The calls it makes to transmit data are free within the United States. 

Photo of Merlin@home Transmitter: Your Merlin@home transmitter allows you to have your device checked from home. 




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